How social media could ruin your business

How social media could ruin your business

How can social media ruin your business is a subject every business, company, celebrity, employee and employees should understand; when it goes down the wrong path, it takes a lot to resolve… sometimes it can never be resolved. Social media is a way to reach out, communicate, engage and expand your customer base as a […]

Marketing your new website

Marketing your new website

Marketing your website is very crucial for every kind of business whether you offer online services or walk-in business; once you have decided to take advantage of the digital world, you need to reach out by marketing it. Your website is a digital representation of your company or brand and has to reach your intended […]

7 Disasters to avoid when running a website


Websites just like any other tool we use for business can also become a disaster to our brand if we decide not to be cautious of very simple and normal precautions to be taken. The website represents your company in the digital space and has become the destination point for any client or customer wishing […]

How to Add Value to Your Products or Services via your website

Adding Value to Your Products or Services through your company website

A product or service is the lifeline of any business and at every opportunity, a business should strive to improve it as much as possible to make it the best offer out there. So how do you add value to your product that has nothing to do with the delivery or production of the product […]

Why Email Marketing Still Matters

Emails have become our digital identities whether, for official use or personal, it’s become our access to the digital world. You want to log in, you want to retrieve information, you want to receive UpToDate information; you use your email address. It’s global and not restricted to a country or location or network provider like […]

How to Digitally Promote Your Business

The world is now digitalized, with affordable smartphones and seemingly low-priced data services, it’s easier to access a lot of your potential clients digitally. Don’t rule out traditional media, it is still a major player in the marketing industry. Promoting your business is very critical to its success, whether its word-of-mouth referrals, family and friends, […]

9 Key components to starting your E-commerce Business

E-commerce gave rise to a whole new level of selling, companies had the opportunity to sell worldwide and reach millions of customers at once, increasing their sales and reaching new targets. The likes of eBay, Alibaba, Amazon, Jumia, Konga, etc have shown that with the right e-commerce plan and strategy, you can take on the […]

9 Benefits of a Website in 2019

A website is an online digital expression of your brand and tool for your business. As a company or individual, it reflects your vision which helps your customers understand what you can offer them. Customers expect businesses to have websites – it has become a default setting for brands, companies and individuals who want to go […]

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