Marketing your new website

Marketing your new website

Marketing your website is very crucial for every kind of business whether you offer online services or walk-in business; once you have decided to take advantage of the digital world, you need to reach out by marketing it. Your website is a digital representation of your company or brand and has to reach your intended clientele as it competes with millions of other websites all aiming to grab attention.

We are going to look at some marketing tips for your new or even existing website to help increase visits and convert them into paying customers.

1. Bad website design can’t be saved

Before you start marketing and ready to show potential clients your services and products, we must first cover a very crucial point – bad website designs can’t be saved by any amount of marketing. They are so many websites out there, time and data are of great value to the browsing client looking for the right information.

If they can’t find what they want easily, quickly and visually appealing, they move to someone else who has taken their time, energy and money to do so; giving them the look of a serious business.

Even if you are pushing and spending millions on marketing to your site, the numbers will show but no conversion to sales. The only time this works is when you are the only one with that information and that is rare these days.

Top brand companies keep evaluating their website layout, photography, content and main features to make it appealing for their online visitors to get what they want.

How can you quickly know if you have a well-designed site?, ask friends, colleagues and family members to review and give you feedback, add google analytics to the website to show where people began to lose interest in your website and try to re-design those pages – kind of A/B test till you get a working solution.

If you have enough cash, there are sites that can run user testing with real feedbacks. We can also build a professional website for business, just hit the contact button in the menu links

2. Stay in touch with your potential customers

Now that you sorted a very important aspect which is the endpoint of your marketing – the website design; next is staying touch with potential customers.

Many times, people come to your site and get good information but are not ready to make a purchase or in need of the service now.

How do you make sure you don’t lose them as whenever they are ready or want to finally make a purchase? they might just end up at a competitor’s website and do business with them.

The best way to stay in touch is via email marketing, sending potential customers updates and deals. You can get their emails by asking them to sign up for newsletters on your website so they don’t miss out, in truth you are the one trying not to miss out on a sale.

Start creating your email marketing list of potential visitors to your site, remember not to spam them else they unsubscribe.

Other ways are by asking them to follow you on your social media platforms to keep up to date with your activities.  This also works well but email marketing should still remain a priority when it comes to reaching out to them.

3. Know your potential customers

Understanding your potential customers is very important in marketing your website else you end up attracting the wrong kind of customers to your site and keep wondering why no conversion( convert from visitor to customer), no sale. When setting up your business, am sure you already know your target customers.

Once you begin marketing you start to know them better and even gather data like their location, their favorite social media platforms, their search phrases, other favorites websites, the best time to send emails, their kind of jobs etc.

With tools like Google analytics and even survey forms you can create. Attract them to fill such forms with giveaway products, this can help finetune your marketing strategy to get maximum ROI.

4. Paid website marketing is important

You want fast and meaningful results, paid marketing is the route to take, it is a good investment and helps you learn more about the market, how you can redirect your approach and get the return on Investment.

The biggest and well known is the search engine – Google after all most traffic and searches to get information are done here so it’s important to invest in Google AdWords where you can target keywords that relate to your products or services.

AdWords is actually expensive but also very valuable if you get the balance right between the amount your spending and amount of sales it generates. Mistakes can be very expensive but then knowledge is gain.

The social media platforms also provide marketing to their users and just as we discussed earlier, its best to try and see which resonates with your potential clients and then focus on that paid marketing platform for your business.

Remember you can have a digital agency like ourselves to help you run the paid marketing for your business.

5. SEO is a long-term investment

No matter how quick your order for your SEO services, it doesn’t result in a quick fix, it’s a long-term investment with valuable results. It has to be done properly following the strict rules of the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. and just know these rules change every year, so always be ready for the up and downtimes of being on the first page of a keyword.

Use the right keywords or phrase by adding them to your web pages or better still blogs and news section of your website.

When potential clients search for a particular keyword or phrase to get information or solution to a problem, your web page or blog post comes up leading to your website.

Another key aspect of SEO links, getting links from top websites or other websites that mention your company website link. This aspect is very valuable especially in reaching new heights in the search engine battle and might even get you to the first page for that keyword.

SEO is a very big section of website marketing, again get an experienced company to help but don’t expect to see results quickly, this can last up to 6 -12 months.

6. Local marketing for the local website

A local business with physical address needs local marketing to help kick start its marketing. Now, this doesn’t mean you going from door to door to drop flyers, we are still talking about marketing using the internet.

Google Maps and Google My Business comes to play here, with almost everyone nowadays using smartphones and google maps to get find their destination or check traffic, you can see how this can help market your new website and business.

Register your business with Google My Business, get a code sent to your official address, confirm and see your business pop up on the most used navigation app in the world – Google maps. When people search for areas and even destination, your business can become a vital landmark and shown to them which might pick their interest and visit your physical address.

7. Using video content

Video is now the most valuable form of content in the world today, with internet data packages becoming more cheap and faster to allow users stream video, top brands creating engaging videos regular to attract us to their websites.

This is one marketing tip you should invest in, it doesn’t have to be a professional video, just something very creative and engaging using your products or services and this will get you many eyeballs even without paid marketing. using the biggest video platform in the world – Youtube, you can add your videos, link them in your newsletter, or other social media platforms and from time to time run video adverts using your videos.

Also, google search now prioritizes video content over other types of information content when users search for information, you can see how useful this can be to grow your SEO above all your business.

In summary

This is just a few tips to marketing your new website or even an existing website if you haven’t started marketing to your potential customers. There are many more ways to market your website and business online, some produce fast results, some don’t, it all depends on your products or services and your approach to the market. Contact us today for a professional website and also digital marketing services to help your business grow.

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